USA bombed another column of refugees

This was stated by Western news agencies with reference to sources from Afghanistan. According to the available information, an American bomber has bombed a column of refugees having taken a long line of trucks for the Taliban troops. The tragedy took place last night around Jalalabad. At least 12 people were killed.

The Pentagon has not yet disproved the information, although yesterday’s news about the bombing of acolumn of refugees (20 of them were killed) was not rejected. The spokesmen for the Pentagon released a statement today that sated that the major targets for the U.S. Air Forces in Afghanistan have been bombed. Now, the pilots have more freedom of action – they are free to choose a target and hit it. The American military hopes to destroy the armored military hardware of the Taliban movement, as well as the artillery and ammunition depots.

It was also said by Pentagon officials that the new tactics of the American aviation did not mean that the pilots would bomb each house they “like.” First of all, they are supposed to get a permission for each strike from the headquarters. However, it is not rather clear how people at the headquarters know what target to bomb if they are so far away from it. The only way to find this out is to listen to what a pilot will say. Maybe that is why the bombs and missiles hit the columns of refugees and food storage facilities.

According to information from Afghanistan, seven people were killed during one day in Kabul as a result of the American air raids. According to eye-witness, two bombs hit the administrative building and another one hit the ammunition depot on the outskirts of the city.

AP photo: Residents of Kabul, Afghanistan look for their belongings amid the rubble of their home Thursday Oct. 18, 2001

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