US military did not know…

Yesterday, a report came from Afghanistan about a missile strike delivered on storehouses of the Red Cross in Kabul. Today, US military officials admitted this fact and gave their apologies. The US military did not know these buildings had been used as a food depositary, according to a special statement by the Pentagon. At the same time, the Red Cross knows that the storehouses had symbols of the Red Cross, including a big symbol on the roof of the international organization. It would be completely impossible not to see a big red cross on the flat roof. Thank God that there was not a hospital under this roof. The strike was delivered by US F-18 aircraft. The total weight of the explosives dropped from the aircraft was 500 kg. The building was practically annihilated and the fire is still going on while annihilating food reserve, tents, blankets: all that is so necessary now for Afghanistan and that is even being dropped by US pilots together with bombs. The Taliban burns American gifts, so the Pentagon seems to have decided to burn Taliban food reserves. The Pentagon continues to stress that it aims its strikes at military objects. Nevertheless, Katar TV channel Al-Jazeera showed the ruined houses in Kabul, the Red Cross’s storehouse being on fire… The military has a good excuse: we did not know. Once, they did not know they were delivering strikes on the Chinese embassy in Belgrade. It seems to be a good excuse, especially if the opposite thing cannot be proved.

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