Sergei Borisov: U.N. rewarded with Nobel Prize to remember the organization still exists

Kofi Annan and the United Nations have been rewarded with Nobel Peace Prize. Many people are puzzled, though the position of Nobel Committee should be understood. Who deserved the Nobel Prize this year? Nobody settled any conflicts, and the world did not become more peaceful. On the contrary, terrorist acts were committed in New York, a new war is flaring up in Afghanistan, and many analysts are afraid that the world is on the verge of world war III. Today’s events are accompanied by an unprecedented success of the United Nations. The US has already stopped taking its position into consideration and solves all questions independently. For the time being, the US do not consider the U.N. to be a remnant of the Cold War, though the US always shows tjat the U.N. cannot influence its decisions. The U.N.’s location on US territory irritates some Americans; two small towns even declared their withdrawal from U.N. While the US and NATO were bombing Yugoslavia, the U.N. was not able and did not want to do something to protect the peaceful population. Even today, it cannot do anything to protect civilians in Afghanistan. The U.N. turned into a bureaucratic machine of aninternational scale. It cannot help even itself: payments of different countries are being delayed, and there are even times when U.N. has not money to pay salary its workers. After the two sky-scrapers were ruined in the city where the U.N. has its headquarters, the US immediately understood that they will answer to the U.N. in a way that they themselves like. The U.N. can have a rest. Though, probably, for not long. The Nobel Committee seems to watch afterunsuccessful U.N. missions all over the world and for all that believe in this organization, its future, and its use for humanity. Therefore, it decided to support it with its authority. Of course, the money will be of use. Though, the main thing is that for the time being ,the world will not forget this organization still exists.

Sergei Borisov PRAVDA.Ru

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