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Vladimir Putin Assesses Bilateral Relations Between Russia And Georgia As Satisfactory

Russian President Vladimir Putin has assessed bilateral relations between Russia and Georgia as satisfactory. Russia "has never denied Georgia anything". "Russia always meets her half way," said the Russian president in an interview with journalists at the State Kremlin Palace, where a gala evening devoted to Day of Workers of the Agro-Industrial Complex is being held. As an example Putin cited cooperation in the energy sector. "In Europe we sell gas at 110 dollars per 1,000 cubic metres, in Ukraine at 80, in Armenia at 53, and in Georgia at 50," the Russian head of state said. According to him, Russia is ready to cooperate with Georgia also in electric power. The president recalled that Russia had responded to the Georgian leadership's request to restructure Georgia's debts to the Russian Federation. This, the president indicated, was done in December of last year. Now, Putin said, Georgian counterparts have asked us to return to the problems of restructuring. "We are ready," Putin said. The president also pointed out that "we have helped Georgia to solve questions connected with relations between Georgia and the IMF and with the Paris Club". The Russian head of state believes that the level of relations with Georgia "is sufficiently high and satisfactory".