It would be funny, if it wouldn’t be that sad

It is early to talk about the clear perspective of how the American operation will be developing in Afghanistan. This was said by NATO top official in Brussels, Friday (the official accompanied NATO’s Secretary-General George Robertson during the trip to Canada and USA October 8-11).

In the words from the official, the American President said at the meeting with Robertson that he did not have a detailed plan of the operation – Americans tend to be very flexible in its process and the tactics can change depending on the real development of the operation and according to the certain goals. It was stressed, the military operation was not the only element of the campaign to struggle with international terrorism. As RIA Novosti stated, the campaign will be run with the help of political, diplomatic, economic measures.

Spokesman for the alliance mentioned, that the NATO’s delegation had a feeling that the American administration was full of “determination to take it all to the end.” The spokesman cited Bush’s words that the events of September 11 and further development of the situation was ”the new kind of war” that did not have any examples in history. Now it is requisite to work on preparations of the answers to that new kind of threat.

The American President stressed, that the USA started the campaign against terrorists and criminals. It was aimed neither at the Afghani people, nor at Islam. Bush also stressed the necessity to attract the Middle East and Central Asia countries to that struggle. “Russia was also mentioned in that respect,” – said the spokesman.

In the course of Robertson’s visit to the USA the American administration confirmed that it did not tend to spread the started operation onto other countries.

Reuters photo: President George W. Bush is more strongly committed than ever to the eastward enlargement of NATO in view of the September 11 attacks on the United States

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