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Russia Backs Proposal Of Organization Of Islamic Conference To Hold Anti-terrorist Conference

Russia backs the proposal by the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) to hold an anti-terrorist conference under the aegis of the UN, a statement by Alexander Yakovenko, an official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, says. The statement was issued after the end of the extraordinary meeting of the OIC Foreign Ministers on international terrorism. "Russia, a country populated by many millions of Muslims, shares the position of the meeting participants that terrorist actions contradict teachings of Islam," the document reads. Moscow welcomes the urge for peace, tolerance, friendship, and respect among nations. "Russia is ready to build-up effective cooperation with Muslim states in fighting terrorism," the statement says. Moscow shares the stance of the forum participants, who have unambiguously denounced the terrorist attacks on the U.S. and voiced the need to combat international terrorism under the UN guidance. The document says that the meeting participants expressed their support of protecting the population of Afghanistan from losses and suffering and confirmed their commitment to preserving Afghanistan's integrity. Russia shares the forum's concern about the threat of current crisis spreading to other countries and regions. This could lead to destabilization of international situation as a whole. Moscow has noticed the importance of the forum's appeal to the UN Security Council, Russia, and the U.S. -- cosponsors of the Arab-Israeli peaceful process - as well as the European Union concerning the crisis in the Middle East. "It is extremely important that the meeting has confirmed the strategic goal to establish sound and fair peace for all states and ethnic groups in the region," the statement stresses.