Yulia Barkovskaya: Terms of docking Kursk postponed again

Kursk lifting operation has been completed. This was stated on Wednesday by Russian President Vladimir Putin. Though, is this statement not too premature? The spokesman for the Northern Fleet, captain Vladimir Novrotski reported to RIA ‘Novosi’ the submarine had been separated from sea bottom on Monday, at 3.55 (Moscow Time). Yesterday, one of the pontoons was already moored to the right board of Gigant barge. The day before, the barge with the submarine fastened to it’s bottom were brought to anchor before the dock. Last night, Kursk was investigated by divers using special equipment. Radiation situation in the operation area is normal. Today, according to the schedule, the second pontoon will be placed under Gigant barge with Kursk. Initially, it was supposed, on Saturday, the submarine would be placed in a floating dock of Roslyakovo. Though Larissa van Seiveren, Mammoet company’s representative, announced this operation was planned to start October, 13. According to her, after two pontoons are fastened with steel ropes to Gigant barge, the depth will be measured around the floating dock. Though terms of docking Kursk are being postponed to next week, the exact date is not being called. This decision was taken on Thursday, at a sitting, where Russian Navy Commander-in-Chief, Vladimir Kuroedov, Rubin central design bureau’s general designer, Igor Spasski, and specialists of Mammoet firm were present. That were Mammoet’s representatives who insisted on postponing terms of docking. They explained their position with mathematical calculations. In particular, the Dutch specialists suppose more time is necessary to join pontoons, to fill them with water and to pump down water from reactor compartment (that is the main task). It is clear, the whole operation is unusually complicated. Arguments for postponing operation were presented. Though the weather in Barents Sea favourable, and radiation level is normal. But let us remember, what terms were proposed before: docking was planned for the end of August… And besides, the terms are so uncertain, and they could be postponed again. Afterwards, winter will come, and the works will be postponed to the next year. Of course, the situation is under control, though when Kursk will be in Roslyakovo dock, nobody could say.

Yulia Barkovskaya PRAVDA.Ru

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