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Federation Council Supports President's Initiatives On Anti-terrorism Struggle

The Federation Council, or the upper house of the Russian parliament, supports the Russian president's initiatives concerning the struggle against international terrorism, the Council said in its Wednesday statement on the counter-terrorist operation in Afghanistan. The senators discussed this issue together with Russian Defence Minister Sergei Ivanov. The statement expressed hope that the counter-terrorist operation will be "well-thought-out" and be in line with the U.N. Charter. The senators called on the participants in the operation to do their best to liquidate terrorist bases in the Afghan territory and, at the same time, save the lives and property of the civilian population and prevent destabilization of the political situation in neighbouring states. Pointing to the need to eradicate the "evil of terrorism" and bring the perpetrators and organizers of the terrorist attacks in the United States to justice, the Federation Council emphasized the United Nation's leading role in establishing large-scale and efficient international cooperation in combating terrorism. "The present-day pooling of efforts by the international community to combat international terrorism inspires hope that in the 21st century all those who threaten mankind can be counteracted," the Federation Council's statement said. It added that this unity of actions "requires that all states, without exception, resolutely renounce double standards in fighting terrorists in other regions of the world." The senators called on all parliaments in the world to contribute to the implementation of practical measures against international terrorism.