Bombardment of Afghanistan will cease in two days

This was reported today by NBC, referring to sources in the Pentagon. PRAVDA.Ru has forecasted the bombardments would cease in two weeks.

However, reality turned to be much more commonplace. The number of US targets on Afghan territory is becoming less. How long can Kandagar and the Kabul airport be bombed? Of course, Americans are trying to completely annihilate the infrastructure, organizing “overkill." Still, to feed average citizens with tales about 15 heroic pilots bombing a runway for the 4th, 5th, and 6th time... The heroic Afghan campaign has not been a success, and this is obvious. There have been no colorful NATO aviation’s attacks. In Afghanistan, there are no Western journalists, while the Taliban do not want to feed the world with shots of bloody bombardments, victims, ruined buildings, and burning cities: no publicity and no spectacle. The green CNN images that were shot through a night-vision viewer cannot be taking into account.

Missiles and bombs disappear in Afghanistan like in a black hole. An attack follows an attack, though there are not even brave reports from the Pentagon: as if command posts, ATC, and something else were annihilated. The main (and questionable) achievement for the moment is that Kabul has been left without a runaway and there is no light in the city. At the moment, NBC reports, US special forces are preparing to enter Afghanistan. The troops will enter the country after the bombardments have been finished. It is not known yet what the special forces will be and in what number. However, they are supposed to have video cameras. Otherwise. the war is senseless.

As the material was being prepared for publishing: UNO mission reported the names of Afghan employees engaged in a UNO mine clearing porgramm who were killed and wounded during US attacks the night of Monday to Tuesday. According to spokesman for the mission and UNO humanitarian assistance coordinator Stephany Banker, technical consultants Safiula, Nasir Ahmad, Najibulla, and Abdul Sabur were killed. Four more workers, Munavvar, Abdul Mukim, and Abdulla and Muhhammad Shakir were wounded and transported to a hospital. Therewith, UNO equipment was annihilated, in particular two cars, a generator, and a communication center. Mrs Banker addressed the US, asking to keep to the norms of international law and have mercy on civilians while carrying out the military campaign, RIA ‘Novosti’ reports.

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