Ukrainian anti-globalists burn American flag

A group of young people who call themselves “The Front of Ukrainian Anti-globalists” publicly burnt the American flag in front of the American embassy in Kiev. This was done as an action of protest against the military operation in Afghanistan. Afterwards, they threw a symbolic cardboard missile towards the building of the embassy. As it was reported, the Ukrainian anti-globalists tend to hold such actions in front of the embassies of all USA-allied countries.

The presidium of Ukraine’s communist party released a statement, in which it condemned the U.S.A. and its allies, since their actions may result in the new world war. Probably, the largest faction of the Ukraine’s parliament will set forth an offer to legally fix Ukraine’s neutrality. The communists also demand the validity of the presidential order about rendering the air space for American aviation should be stopped.

In the meantime, it has already become known that the U.S.A. has already addressed the Ukrainian authorities with that request. informed that the aircrafts are supposed to deliver humanitarian aid for the Afghan people and fuel for military hardware.

Andrei Lubensky PRAVDA.Ru Ukraine

AP photo: Pro-Taliban protesters stomp on an American flag during another protest by a small group Tuesday, Oct. 9, 2001 in Karachi

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