Russia presses Ukraine. It is time to admit the guilt of Tu-154 crash

PRAVDA.Ru has already reported today (with reference to the sources in the commission for investigation of the Tu-154 plane crash) that the damage of the plane looked like it was caused by the shrapnel contained in Ukraine’s S-200 missiles. As it turned out, this message was the first in a series of other similar messages to follow. Ukraine is being pressed upon; it is about time Ukraine should admit the crime it has committed. News agencies state the following: “Moscow official sources hope that Kiev will admit that hard but the only correct decision and will accept their responsibility for the crash of the Russian passenger jet Tu-154, which was accidentally hit by the missile of the Ukrainian anti-missile defense system.”

Those “official sources” have not been exposed yet, which means Ukraine is given another chance to independently analyze the situation and realize that it is not good to claim the accident was not its fault. Rather official statements are likely to follow and this will make the matter more serious.

The direct and indirect evidence of the fact that a S-200 missile hit the Russian plane is gaining more and more of a real shape. It was said not only that Russian but also the Israeli experts tend to believe this to be the case. Russia is actually dropping a hint to Ukraine that there is no other way out. It is not too late now.

It goes without saying the consequences of such an acknowledgement would be tremendous for Ukraine; the country may be banned from having high-tech armed forces and the issue of the Black Sea navy will take absolutely different shape. The passenger plane that was shot down is not a joke. If the armed forces of the country pose a threat to civilians’ lives (who originate from other countries by the way), then the entire Ukrainian Black Sea coast may become a zone of danger both for planes and vessels. As a matter of fact, it would be hard to count the consequences. Russia will gain a strong ally in that respect: Israel. Turkey is likely to join as a Black Sea neighbor.

Judging by the latest statements from “the official sources,” Russia has convincing evidence to prove the guilt of Ukraine’s anti-missile defense. There is no other explanation to the information that is received from the site of the tragedy. Ukraine may face international litigation, in which two rather influential countries may act as prosecutors.

Reuters photo: Russian crash investigators said October 9, 2001 they had discovered parts similar to components of S200 missiles in the wreckage of an Russian airliner which exploded and crashed over the Black Sea last week

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