Sergey Borisov: Americans patiently wait for war to start

The opinion polls show that the vast majority of Americans think their country must wage a war against terrorism. However, those opinion polls say the American citizens are ready to be patient and wait. The recent research of public opinion, performed by Time magazine and by the CNN network showed the following. 63% of Americans believe the war should be started “when it is necessary.” Only 18% of respondents said it was about time the war should be commenced. Nevertheless, it is not clear who the enemy is.

The American president has some time. How long this time period is, how long the Americans are going to be patient – this is a secret that is still to be unveiled. George Bush senior, the father of the incumbent president, started getting ready for the war in 1991 4 days after Iraq’s incursion in Kuwait. However, it took 6 months for the Gulf War to start. The current American president will begin to loose his support in the American society if there are no actions made soon. Most likely, the missiles will hit Afghanistan long before the Americans run out of their patience, as the president's staff is watching the public opinion very carefully.

Sergey Borisov PRAVDA.Ru

AP photo: A drawing made September 14, 2001 by six-year-old Jacob Frisaro of Cooper City, Florida depicts the September 11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center

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