Chief warders help prisoners escape from impregnable Moscow jail

Assistant chief of detention center №2 of the Moscow Butyrskaya jail (widely known in Russia as Butyrka), Ibragim Daudov, and two militia sergeants were detained, as they are suspected of rendering assistance to the criminal who had recently escaped from the jail. They are suspected of helping prisoner Ivan Vinogradov simply “walk out of the jail” after seeing his mother. Vinogradov used the detention center attendant pass. The detained sergeants convoyed Vinogradov to the meeting room and were supposed to take him back to the cell. There is a version of the events that one of the sergeants gave a pass to Vinogradov, as well as a special key to open the doors. However, the Ministry for Justice is keeping all the details of the investigation top secret. Three jail attendants, including the deputy chief were reportedly detained for 3 days, according to Article 122 of the Russian Criminal Code (suspected of committing a crime). After those 3 days are over, it will be requisite either to bring the accusations or release them. Rafik Ibragimov, the chief of the jail, sent in his resignation; this fact is very well known, but as spokesman for the Ministry for Justice Vladimir Yalunin claimed, Ibragimov’s resignation would not be accepted in the nearest future.

It is clear there is something really strange going on in the Butyrka jail. Two escapes from the unassailable jail within a month; this is too much. In a previous story, two prisoners picked the floor of the cell with the spoons and used the underground passages, even though they could have not known the floor plans. There were clothes waiting for them under the ground,and they could comfortably change. The second escape from the jail is even more bizarre. For some reason, the personnel of the jail did not notice the way the prisoner walked out of the jail and how the jail-breaker somehow got hold of the key and the pass.

In addition, the entire personnel of the jail had to undergo lie detector tests after the first escape from Butyrka. There were no traitors found.

Photo: Ivan Vinogradov - the jail-breaker

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