USA to unveil direct evidence proving Osama bin Laden’s guilt: Not openly, but under cover

News agencies of the world have different information about where terrorist number one and prime suspect of the terror attack on the USA, Osama bin Laden, is. The United States are still hunting for their enemy, although there has been no evidence found proving bin Laden was involved in the acts of terrorism that happened September 11. RIA Novosti reported that the investigation was gathering pace; there had already been 75 people detained and four of them were considered to be “extremely relevant witnesses." Doctor-radiologist Albader Alhamzi is one of them. Like CBS stated, it was his credit card that paid for the flights for several terrorists. However, the investigation still does not have any evidence against bin Laden himself.

NBC television company reported that bin Laden allegedly phoned his mother September 9 and said he would not be able to contact her due to “important news," which she was going to learn soon. The phone conversation was intercepted by the foreign intelligence. More important evidence against bin Laden is “the rough copy of the Arab Jihad” – 11 notebooks with detailed instructions how to seize airports and highjack planes and organize explosions and chemical attacks. Each notebook starts with a sentence dedicated to bin Laden. However, his name was also mentioned in other such papers. Nevertheless, the American authorities still claim Osama bin Laden is the prime suspect.

This week, the American administration promised to expose the materials of the file to the governments of other countries; these materials are said to directly point to bin Laden’s guilt in the terrorist attack. This is going to be a step-by-step process: the information will be handed over to the USA’s allies first; then to NATO members; then to Japan, Korea, and some other countries; and then to the rest of the world. It is not known if the information really exists and to what extent it is true.

The operation against bin Laden is in full swing, both in the military and financial fields. The United States is trying to cut his access to his money and to find and freeze the terrorist’s accounts. For the time being, the investigation is looking into the version of bin Laden’s terrorist group Al Quaida - if it was involved in the operations with the mass futures sale of shares of the European and American airlines. As a result of the speculation for the fall of the share rate, many transportation airlines suffered, as well as insurance companies.

The desire to nab bin Laden “dead or alive” makes the authorities act decisively, as if the terrorist’s guilt has been confirmed. However, it should be mentioned that if Osama bin Laden’s organization is really effective, then the arrest of its leader will not cause considerable damage to it. In the words of the American Defense Minister Donald Rumsfeld, Osama bin Laden’s arrest should be perceived as the first step on the road.

AP photo: A Pakistani youth holds up his mobile phone showing on its display a message graphic depicting Osama bin Laden, and his name

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Author`s name: Editorial Team