Specialists examine 9th compartment of the Kursk submarine

The first group of investigators and experts descended into the ninth compartment of the Kursk submarine today. Six people in total gained entry to the compartment. Their goal is to examine the refuge compartment, which 23 submariners moved into right after the breakdown, as the note written by Dmitry Kolesnikov says. Dmitry Kolesnikov’s body was retrieved during a special operation in the Barents Sea last year. Last year there were 12 dead bodies retrieved from the sub. Thus, there are supposedly 11 bodies in the ninth compartment to be found.

Now, the Kursk submarine is totally above the water. The specialists entered the sub after another hole was made in the hull of the Kursk –on the level of the sixth compartment. Radioactive tests were conducted,and their results indicated that the radiation level inside the sub was normal.

Reuters photo: The conning-tower of the Kursk nuclear submarine surfaces in a dock of Roslyakovo port near Murmansk, October 23, 2001

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