Irina Malenko: Association of Journalists of Palestine blames CNN

The journalists from the occupied Palestine territories expressed their anger regarding CNN’s report about the Palestinian youth, rejoicing in connection with the tragic events of September 11 in America.

After the detailed checks it turned out that the tape, which was shown on CNN was the old record of the Gulf War times. The tape was filmed in 1991, when a lot of Palestinian people aligned themselves with Iraq and its leader Saddam Hussein.

They harshly condemned that action of CNN, having called it “the treason of journalism.”

“This is nothing more, but the modern bloody fake, when CNN deliberately lies telling the whole world the Palestine youth celebrated the death of thousands of American civilians. This intentionally stirs up hatred to the people of Palestine in the world and provokes them for murders.”

The Association claimed in its official statement of September 18 that the history showed “to what extent CNN is full of hatred and lie and how far away this company is from the ethics of journalism.”

It was also said in the statement, the Palestinian authorities should stop any forms of cooperation with CNN. From the very first moment, when the report was shown, the Palestinians had doubts in its authenticity and reliability.

The official figures of Palestine set out their protest against CNN regarding the fact that the tape is still being broadcast. CNN, however, refused to comment on the matter having said they were investigating the incident.

Irina Malenko

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