American aviation seriously pressed bin laden

Prime suspect is experiencing difficulties with training the gunmen. This is presented as considerable success in the anti-terrorist operation in Afghanistan.

This message could be actually read this way: 3 weeks of bombing led to the fact that Bin Laden has some inconsiderable difficulties. This is not success, this is some kind of farce. Let him stop training gunmen for the bombing period at all. Was it worthy to drop tons of bombs on the country for that?

The British Defense Minister Geoff Hoon exposed some details at the press-conference in London about some results of the American military operation in Afghanistan. In his words, as a result of the missile and bomb strike on the territory of Afghanistan, the possibilities of the terrorist organization Al-Qaida to train the gunmen “was considerably weakened.”

During the anti-terrorist operation there were 9 camps struck, including those, where the terrorists were trained - the terrorists, who performed the acts of terrorism in New York and Washington.

So everything the US has achieved over these weeks is the destruction of the camps, which trained the terrorists (with the exception for the destruction of infrastructure objects, warehouses and hospitals). Now Bin Laden has no place to train his terrorists. It is curious, what those camps looked like? There is every reason to believe, there were no elite residential areas for future suicide bombers there, no computerized rooms to study. The gunmen most likely were trained in the desert, living in tents. So those destroyed camps may show up any moment, in any other place. The “graduates” will just be delayed for a couple of weeks.

It seems the serious American aviation is progressing, even when such doubtful facts are represented in the form of serious success.

Reuters photo: Aviation Ordnancemen load an AIM-120 Advanced Medium-Range Air-to-Air missile (AMRAAM) on the wing of an F/A-18 "Hornet" strike fighter

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