Vladimir Putin Invites Foreign Companies To Step Up Operation On The Russian Market

Russian President Vladimir Putin has invited foreign companies to step up their operation on the Russian market. Speaking at the World Economic Forum's session in Moscow, he emphasised that this session is being held at a "good" time as many companies are concluding their financial year and drawing up budgets for the next year. Putin expressed hope that the presence of foreign companies in Russia "will influence the drawing up of investment plans" and that Russia will take an "adequate, worthy place" in them. In this connection, Putin welcomed the recent decision by Exxon Neftegas to invest a large sum of money in the Russian economy. He expressed hope that other companies participating in the session will follow suit. Putin called on business people in all countries to display corporate solidarity which must result in stability and predictability. He pointed out in this connection that on September 11th, when terrorist attacks were made in the United States, "an attempt was made to deal a global-scale blow to this stability." The president said "a new principle of global duties and rights" is now being formed in the system of international relations. Therefore "opposition to violence and hatred must become clear, well-thought-out and resolute." To this end, he added, all cooperation factors are important, above all economic ones.

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Author`s name: Editorial Team