Double standards policy in Pakistan

It seems that Pakistan is now deeply submerged in its inner contradictions. On the one hand, it has the support of the American aviation. On the other hand, the dissatisfaction of its citizens with this action is growing, and armed mutinies are becoming regular. On the one hand, American troops are stationed on the territory of Pakistan. On the other hand, the Indian authorities have stated that the Pakistani military is deploying the militants from Kashmir to Afghanistan to help the Taliban movement.

There appeared the new information today that Islamabad provided the Taliban with the weapons. This is like the last straw in the relations between Pakistan and the United States of America.

Today, The Washington Times reported about the delivering of weapons from Islamabad to the Taliban movement. The newspaper referred to the information from the sources in the American special services. Pursuant to the information, received by the intelligence, Pakistan was supplying weapons, ammunition and fuel to the Taliban. The weaponry is delivered at night time by trucks. As the newspaper stressed, those actions were performed not by some radical groups or unhappy generals of the armed forces; this action was approved on the top level, by the official authorities of Islamabad.

For the time being, this information is unofficial. The American authorities have not made any comments on the matter yet. However, the spokesmen for the Pakistani authorities have already reacted. Representatives of the country’s defense ministry claimed that they did not have any information about the delivery of the weapons.

Actually, these weapons supplies are true. The position of Pakistan is known well: we help you (the US) and you help us in terms of economy, politics, and please deliver weapons to us, just in case the Taliban attack. The role of the Pakistani special services in setting up the movement Taliban is an open secret as well (the movement was established together with the CIA by the way). The CIA has already rejected its anti-Soviet production, but the Pakistani ISI is still in contact with the Taliban.

No need to mention the inner sentiments in Pakistan. President Pervez Musharraf is balancing on a very thin line between the followers of the Taliban and adversaries of the movement, who mainly live across the ocean, to Musharraf’s discontent.

Thus, the country is forced to live under the conditions of a policy of double standard. During the day, Pakistan supports America, but when the night falls, the trucks are on their way from Pakistan to Afghanistan. This can not last long. So far, the US has used Pakistan to suit its own ends, but there will be the time when the game is going to be over with.

Reuters photo: An Afghan refugee eats near a wire fence separating the refugees from Pakistan at the Chaman border crossing, October 31, 2001

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