Dmitry Litvinovich: The US will not withdraw from ABM treaty

The Washington Post reported to the whole world a sensational piece of news. During the coming summit between George Bush and Vladimir Putin, they probably will work out a form of agreement allowing to keep the 1972 ABM treaty, while permitting to the US to continue its trials in the framework of NMD. “US withdrawal from ABM treaty will not be announced," the Bush administration spokesman was cited as saying. Moreover, Putin and Bush are expected to reach agreements about the reduction of each side’s nuclear warheads to the level of 1750-2250 (that is less than the levels discussed before, in the frameworks of START-3). What made Washington realize such a serious step towards Moscow? Probably, our coalition with China or the disappointment with the NMD itself, which does not protect common citizens from biological terrorist attacks. Probably, this is payment to Russia for its current and future participation in the Afghan events. However, the fact cannot be excluded that dissatisfaction with the Bush administration’s policy in the war on terrorism is increading in the US itself. US citizens are not so worried about remote future protected by missile umbrella; they live with today's reality, and they do not like this reality. People live with emotions. They read newspapers and watch TV. Russia seems to be no longer an enemy, but a friend that offered his hand in the tragedy. They remember this. Therefore, better to give such a small thing and obtain a bigger one.

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