The slaughter in Tsaritsino – the provocation of the special services?

There are new comments coming about the events, which took place October 30 in the area of Moscow’s Tsaritsino underground station. We would like to remind you in short of what actually happened. A group of young men, about 500 of them, made a slaughter on the market place close to the underground station. Two people died as a result of the brutal fight.

The suspicion fell on the young men from the Russian National Unity movement (known by the Russian initials RNE), who perform such actions periodically. The fans of Moscow football clubs were added to the list afterwards. For the time being, it is not actually clear, who did that. It was a well-planned action and the investigation paid attention to this nuance at once.

The leader of Russia’s Islamic committee Geydar Jemal has a point of view of his own regarding those events. He believes that the massacre, which took place in the evening of October 30 was actually organized by the Russian special services. Jemal means the provocation on the part of the special services attendants, who were present within the football fans and instigated them for thatbrutality.

Jemal paid attention to the fact that it all happened on the last day of the Economic forum session and the Russian power wanted to show that the youth in Russia was influenced by the right-radical and racist ideas. In the words from Geydar Jemal – the slaughter was just a tip of the iceberg and there were thousands of prisoners behind it “languishing in captivity of sweeping blame of terrorism.” Jemal forecasted the growth of the political repression, which would lead to the loss of the world authority of the state. He urged to unite all remedial organizations in order to rehabilitate those, “whose rights were deliberately violated by the power.” This union, as Jemal believes, must be of public character, without the pressure “from above” and become “a worthy respond to the Civil forum – the initiative from the Russian red tape, which is striving to get the official control over the fragments of the Russian remedial movement.”

There is no wish to comment on these words for some reason. Let us leave everything as it is, taking account of recent Geydar Jemal’s words in support of the Muslim extremists immediately after the events of September 11.

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