Sergey Borisov: American professors scold the USA

A lot of American people fear that the US will lose a part of its democratic liberties during the struggle with terrorism. Someone is afraid lest the well-known freedom of speech should suffer, there are already certain trends of that. One of conservative charitable organizations, the Young America fund is collecting the information about professors from the American colleges, who criticise their own country. The fund itself sponsors lectures for students in campuses, saying it is not against the freedom of speech. But some professors, however, has already gone too far. WND news site cited Rick Parsons, a spokesman for Young America. He stated with deep concern that the opinions from the professors, which will be mentioned below, are shared by the majority of the personnel of the American colleges. The heart of the issue - America is guilty of the acts of terrorism against America.

Robert Yensen from Texas University wrote, for example, that the terrorists are not more despicable, than the mass acts of terrorism, performed by the American government. Richard Falk, a professor from Princeton University thinks that the attack of September 11th happened due to the fact that the majority of the humanity found itself under the heel of the American economic, military, cultural and diplomatic power. “Whatever the reason of the acts of terrorism is, their major motive is the fascism of the American foreign policy over the recent decades” – another statement. Charley Kurzman from North Caroline blamed the American military men for the terror attack: “They are playing with us, exaggerating the military threats and responding actions.” A professor from California assumed, that “the president wants to kill the innocent people, to colonize the entire Arab world and provide the Bushes with oil.”

Young America noticed with anxiety that the quotes, mentioned above, were taken from the press and public speeches. And what do professors tell their students during the classes? The fund believes that if the adequate number of students accept the viewpoints of their professors and start protesting, then it may undermine America’s ability to wage war with terrorism.

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AP photo: The "God Bless America" compact disc cover, for the benefit of the twin towers fund. The CD, featuring music by Celine Dion, Mahalia Jackson, Frank Sinatra and others, was the No. 1 album for the week ending Sunday

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