The Kursk submarine examined from within

The chairman of the governmental commission for investigating the reasons of the Kursk submarine crash, vice premier of the Russian government Ilya Klebanov did not exclude that the final reasons of the tragedy would be determined in two months. In his words, the experts discovered a lot of new things since the moment, when the submarine was brought to the dock of Roslyakovo. However, the vice-premier added, there could not 100% guarantee given yet that the secret would be totally unveiled in two months.

It became known today, there were two more dead bodies found in the hull of the missile sub. Thus, there have been 55 bodies raised altogether; 45 of them have been identified. There have been also 16 missiles retrieved from the submarine by today’s morning.

The Russian NTV television network showed the footage of the inner hull of the submarine today – the fourth and seventh compartments - for the first time. Below is the comment to the tape, filmed by the military cameraman on board the Kursk.

“The 4th compartment was several dozens of meters and three dividers away from the centre of the explosion. There was the chief cabin there, the living space and the resting zone. The destruction of the compartment is enormous – it looks like the pile of scrap metal. The walls between the cabins are broken with the blasting wave. Nothing is left from the oxygen pipelines. The covers of the rescue means were taken off, which means the people inside the 4th compartment had several seconds to use the compact respiratory systems. These devices are good in heavy smoke, but they are useless in sea water. The thrusts remained untouched – there was no time to use them. The footage shows the seventh compartment of the Kursk, Dmitry Kolesnikov was the commander of the compartment. There is still the list of the rescue equipment hanging on one of the walls. The paper is readable, even the signature is distinctly visible as well as the date – August 10th. The level of destruction there is less. The blasting wave faded, because of the very strong divider of the 6th compartment. There are even daylight lamps there, books, letters, postcards, a red cup, somebody’s overcoat on the floor. All these things are evidence now.”

NTV.Ru photo: In the seventh compartment of the Kursk

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