Reasons of Kursk submarine’s wreckage could be called into question

Interesting information is coming from Roslyakovo, where work in Kursk atom submarine lifted from Barents Sea bottom is being continued. Today, military prosecutor of the North Fleet Vladimir Mulov reported that a great amount of explosives had been found in the submarine’s hull, including the second and third compartments, in all, the equivalent of 150 kg of trotyl.

According to the prosecutor, the explosives were found last night. After this discovery, a command was given to stop all work on the submarine’s board and to evacuate the people and to post guards. Now, all explosives have been removed from the submarine and destroyed. Vladimir Mulov reported to journalists that the question was about explosives that had been situated in torpedoes’ charges in Kursk’s first compartment and had got to second and third compartments. So, there is a very logical question: Was the ammunition’s detonation (the fatal second explosion) the reason of the submarine’s crash, and could a part of explosives not have detonated? Because in such a powerful explosion as the one that seems to have destroyed the submarine, a monstrous pressure appeared just in a second, the power of the strike was so great, that it annihilated compartments’ bulkheads. In principle, it would be enough to make all explosives of the submarine detonate.

How did it happen that only a part of explosives detonated, while the other part remained untouched. The explosives, according to the prosecutors’ statements, seem to have been turned out from the war heads and scattered all over the submarine; however, they did not explode.

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