Dmitry Litvinovich: Chechnya’s current life

The news coming from Chechnya is basically the quite news. Probably, the militants of Chechnya feel really bad or the news from Afghanistan pulled the Chechen subject into the background for a while.

The Chechen government is currently concerned about two subjects: the future status of the Chechen republic and the adequate symbols – the emblem and the anthem.

The situation with the anthem is clear - the text must be corrected a little bit and then translated into Russian. But there is a problem with the emblem. The State Emblem of the Chechen republic depicts a black she-wolf lying on the national pattern. According to the legend a she-wolf raised the forefathers of the Chechen nation. The debate on the score was really hot. There were suggestions to change the she-wolf to the Russian double eagle or some variant with the double eagle on the she-wolf, but this variant was rejected for natural reasons, together with other variants.

The status of the future republic is another matter. There are three original variants: the presidential or the parliamentary republic and the council of state, set up on the clan principle. These three variants are going to be published in mass media outlets soon to be available for everyone. The following referendum will make everything clear in this respect. All citizens of Chechnya will partake in the voting, not depending on their place of living – either in the republic or beyond its borders. The Chechen government is inclined to the variant with the presidential republic. Two other variants are not acceptable for Chechnya. The clan principle infringes upon the interests of the Russian people and local nationalities. The parliament will most likely be divided into the group interests.

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On the photo: The National Emblem of the Chechen republic

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