10,000-strong Meeting Of Left Opposition Held In Teatralnaya Square In Downtown Moscow

A meeting of the left opposition devoted to the 84th anniversary of the October Socialist Revolution was held in Teatralnaya (Theatre) Square in Moscow. The Revolution was made on October 25 (or November 7 according to the new style) 1917 by the party of Bolsheviks led by Vladimir Lenin. As a result, the monarchy was overthrown and the dictatorship of Communists, Soviet power, was established. Democratic changes that began in the country 10 years ago with the disintegration of the USSR deprived the Communist Party of power which it had solely enjoyed for many years. Orthodox Communists have preserved their structures and have formed an opposition to the Kremlin. Despite the radical change of the country's historical path, the Communists stick to old values preserving a considerable number of supporters among Russians. According to data of law-enforcement bodies, the meeting in Moscow devoted to the 84th anniversary of the October Revolution gathered about 10,000 people (representatives of the Communist Party give the figure that is twice as much). Order was ensured by 1,500 militia men. All the leaders of the left forces led by renowned Russian politician Gennady Zyuganov were present on the rostrum of the meeting. Before the commencement, head of the ultra-left movement "Working Russia" Viktor Anpilov tried to stir those gathered by shouting the slogan "Lenin, Motherland, Socialism." However, the participants in the meeting reacted rather passively. The speeches by most participants after an excurse to the history of the October events invariably boiled down to the calls to unite and make the government resign. The meeting was held without any serious excesses.

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