Sergei Nikolaev: In disadvantageous regions of Russia, outside control could be introduced

Plenipotentiary of the president in Volga federal region, Sergei Kirienko has carried out a sitting of main federal inspectors. One of the issues discussed at the sitting, is delimitation of congnizance between the federal centre and subjects of federation. Final suggestions should be presented by a special commission up to November 12. Regional authorities are expected to receive “freedom of maneuver” with keeping legislation of the Russian Federation. Forming of united legal space is still one of the main tasks of the state. One of the main questions discussed by the region’s citizens is preparations for winter. In the sitting, the most exciting cities of the region were named. Among them are Ulyanovsk, Saratov, Kirov, Nizhni Novgorod. A sensational information was announced in the sitting. According to initiative of Volga federal region, as a cardinal measure, a draft decree of the president is prepared about introducing of outside control of the territory, which is incapable independently settle its financial troubles. From now on, the “drowning” regions should rescue themselves, though it is not known, where the governors of regions “drowning” in debts would like such radical measures. The question is first of all about “finance situation” connected with relations between regions and sellers of light and heat. Russian regions that are afraid of being frozen this winter should sign agreement with United Energetic Systems stock company, while a general agreement is being concluded with energy sellers by the region itself. Let us see, whether this kind of settling energy issue will secure from freezing. Probably, the decree about outside control, if it really is passed, will stimulate local authorities. Sergei Nikolaev PRAVDA.Ru Ulyanovsk Read the original in Russian:

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