Andrey Lubensky: Internet mass media in Ukraine are in danger: Security Council is interested in them

The coming elections in Ukraine make the authorities of this country pay more attention to the Internet. As usual, they do see there nothing but threats and mess. The head of the Ukrainian National Council for Security and Defense, Yevgeny Marchuk said, the informational space on the net was used for the informational and propaganda aggression with a view to discredit the public and state institutions, destabilize the social and political situation and cause damage to Ukraine’s international damage. On the whole, one may assume the Ukrainian senior officials think that the Internet is the place of the false information, distributed by the Internet mass media beyond the framework of the legal field. Having discussed the problem, the Council made the adequate decision, pertaining to the regulation of the Internet. The information on that was put on the official site of the Council, but then disappeared within 24 hours. Internet media outlets copied that information for themselves, though.

Marchuk promised, that there would be a presidential decree issued in that connection. The Ukrainian Internet society is not expecting to get anything good from that. As it is supposed, all Internet media of Ukraine will be offered to register in the State committee for informational policy and in the State committee for communication within a certain time period. The providers will be committed to run the list of their publications, organizations and all separate users, connected to them. It will also be ordered to share that information with the interested state bodies.

The reaction of the society to this restriction of freedom of speech is rather weak: who needs that Uanet? But anyway, the consequences can be rather lamentable. The power risks to discredit itself again, because of its actions Ukraine’s image will suffer even more.

Andrey Lubensky PRAVDA.Ru

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