Bert Lanting (Volkskrant): The USA is afraid of the breakup of the coalition

There should not be more than one captain on the bridge, otherwise we will all go astray! This was the motto of the United States in the military operation in Afghanistan. However, now it seems that the American government has decided that other countries must participate as well in order to prevent from the collapse of the coalition.

Several European countries promised over the past few days to give troops to America for the operation in Afghanistan. France promised to deploy extra troops, over 200 French military men, who are already in the region. Italy has decided to place a battleship with 2700 military men at the disposal of the USA. Germany promised 3900 people.

The possibility for other countries besides the USA and Great Britain to participate in the military operation is a token of the considerable shift in the American policy. Donald Rumsfeld has preferred to keep total control over the operation in his own hands in order to prevent interference of the allied sensitiveness in the American military strategy.

The criticism of America’s activity is gaining strength with time since the terrorist attacks on America. The massive propaganda, used by the United States has the goal to breath new life in “the September 11th feeling” – “we all come from New York.” President Bush says that Osama bin Laden is a threat for the entire humanity; Bush wants to acquire his weapons of mass destruction.

With the help of other countries, the United States hopes to prevent the breakup of the coalition. There is a cynical explanation to it: the USA is tired of the role of the world’s malefactor and it wants to make its allies participate in civilians’ “incidental” murders.

The European governments understand this too: non-interference also has dangerous consequences for the union with America. The US press is already complaining that the Americans are alone now, with an exception of the devoted British.

Prepared by Irina Malenko PRAVDA.Ru

Ap photo: President Bush receives a standing ovation before he addresses the crowd at the Georgia World Congress Center Thursday, Nov. 8, 2001 in Atlanta. President Bush urged an uneasy nation Thursday night to meet "our great national challenge"