Mediterranean diet and exercise: the key to a long life

Scientists declare at International Seminar on Mediterranean Agricultural Products in Lisbon that the Mediterranean diet is the key to a long life.

This Seminar highlighted the drama of the present-day housewife in Western Europe as she chooses between beef infected by Mad Cow Disease, pork infected with swine vesicular fever, lamb with Foot and Mouth, chicken with salmonella, fish with mercury poisoning, fruit and vegetables with toxins and genetically modified cereals.

The trend towards the hyper-calorie diet of fast food has led to the highest incidence of heart disease and obesity, a trend greatly augmented by the sedentary lifestyles of so many in the present day.

According to professor Amorim Cruz, the recipe for a long and healthy life is the Mediterranean diet. This is based on fibre-rich cereals, salads seasoned with olive oil, fresh tomatoes, lettuce, onions, olives, bread, less meat and more fish and the habit of drinking red wine at mealtimes.


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