Happy idea of Dutch prisons’ workers

According to Dutch newspaper Telegraaf, since last month, many Dutch prisons and other reformatory institutions have been opening all the mail of their convicts, including correspondence from their lawyers. Such control is a result of an order from an internal memo issued by the directorate of Dutch prisons. Lawyers of the Netherlands are very angered with the fact that without their permission, letters addressed to their clients are being opened. Professor Teo De Ross from the Union of Lawyers considers this to be an inadmissible violation of the prisoners’ basic rights. According to Dutch legislation, prisoners’ conversations with their lawyers, including telephone calls, as well as their mail, are confidential, so any letters from lawyers or addressed to them cannot be read.

“It is absurd that lawyers would send anthrax in letters to their clients!” – De Ross exclaims. “It may be absurd. But, this is a great idea, is not it?” – workers of Dutch prisons’ administration smile contentedly. Apropos, one of the prisons that is under the jurisdiction of Curasao Island, is prophetically called “Bon Futuro”, what means “Happy Future."

Irina Malenko PRAVDA.Ru

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