Irina Malenko: Western occupation of CIS being expanded. Dutch military pilots already in Tajikistan

The Telegraph newspaper reported yesterday that two officers of the Dutch Air Force were examining, together with their US colleagues, airports in Tajikistan.

According to the Dutch Defence Ministry,a Dutch colonel and his colleague belong to the central command coordinating the bombardments of Afghanistan. The Dutchmen are to participate in the inventory of independent Tajikistan’s airports for the purpose of the Americans using them. In the inventory, militaries from Great Britain, Turkey, and Canada will take part as well.

Dutchman P. Berlein is carrying negotiations about sending to the region Dutch F-16 fighters and Orion patrol aircraft. To use the F-16 fighters, the Americans need the air-force bases situated near Afghan territory. Kulyaba airport, which is at a distance of 80 km from Dushanbe, is supposed to be used.

As probable variants, using airports in Kurgan-Tyube and Khudjand are being considered. Afterwards, the scouts will visit Kirghizia and Kazakhstan. The Americans complain about the military bases’ bad condition and that too much labour and time is necessary to restore them.

As a result of negotiations between US Secretary of Defence Rumsfeld with the Tajik president, an understanding was reached about using bases on Tajik territory for bombardments of Afghanistan. While Uzbekistan permitted to use its bases only with the condition that any military actions would not be carried out from its territory. At the same time, independent Kirghizia is waiting for its turn to propose its services to Uncle Sam.

The Dutch newspaper Folkskrant reported yesterday that Professor Otobaev, the Kirghiz president’s adviser for foreign investments and Dutch honorary consul to Kirghizia, had declared Kirghizia’s full support for the bombing Afghanistan during Ramadan. “It would be absurd to make a pause in the bombardments. War is war. If one stared a war, it must be continued until the enemy is annihilated. And there should not be any sentiments!” – the supposed ex-member of Communist Party of the Soviet Union says.

Now, let us present one more passage from tge interview of this person, who found such an unusual way to draw “investments” to a country that doesn't even border Afghanistan.

He states that in the future, the US bombardment of Afghanistan will have a positive effect. For example, Middle-Asian countries will get more publicity, and this time not because of “their authoritarian regimes and neglecting human rights and freedom of the press.” “We appear in CNN almost every day!” – the Kirghiz professor is happy like a child. “The news is about the war, though it is not important. Finally, the world gets to know about us!”

What did the US promise to the Middle-Asian countries in exchange for using their territory and air space? – the Dutch journalist asks.

“America did not have to pay Kirghizia for using its air space. Kirghizia is a member of the anti-terrorist coalition.” Otorbaev does not know whether Uzbekistan and Tajikistan have been paid by theAmericans. "Though, I am sure that after war, the US also will pay attention to this region”, - the “independent” politician expresses his gladness.

“Colonizers’ slogan “divide and dominate” is not of use now. After September 11, rich countries should show to poor ones how they could become well-to-do…”

So they show Afghanistan, for example. We have only to wish that Kirghizia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and ,later, Kazakhstan and Russia itself would not become the next ones waiting for American “attention." However, what else could be expected with such politicians like Otorbaev? For, in the 1930s, his current policy could be called a “policy of encouraging aggression…” How many offerings such a policy could cause we know very well from the history.

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