Serbian police in protest

Members of the Serbian police Special Operations Unit blocked a motorway on November 12th in protest at the illegal status of detentions in connection with the Hague Tribunal.

Around one hundred members of the Special Operations Unit (JSO) blockaded the motorway which links southern Serbia to Croatia for nine hours. Armed, wearing bullet-proof jackets, they declared they would not move until their demands were met, however they were persuaded to lift the blockade nine hours later.

They claim that their country recognised the International Court of Justice (ICJ) at The Hague and as employees of the State, they also recognised the Tribunal. However, they claimed that due to the lack of legislation, ratified by the Federal Parliament, technically any detentions they performed were illegal and they demanded that the Federal parliament approve a specific law of co-operation with the ICJ.

“Once the law on co-operation with the ICJ is approved, it will be equally valid for the elements of the JSO and other Yugoslav citizens”, according to the declaration issued by the Special Operations Unit.

This unit declared that until such a law is passed, they will refuse to undertake any more illegal detentions in co-operation with the ICJ.

This issue raises once more the legality surrounding the kidnapping, extradition and imprisonment of ex-President Slobodan Milosevic, spirit out of his country under cover of night after a hurried meeting of a fraction of the Yugoslav cabinet, forced by a deadline on reconstruction payments. The Federal High Court declared this act illegal.


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