New Bin Laden book reveals secrets

A new book on Osama Bin Laden gives an interesting insight into US intelligence before September 11th. FBI investigators into international terrorism were hampered and Col. Gaddafi issued an arrest warrant against Bin laden in 1998.

Jean-Charles Brisard, co-author of the book “Ben Laden: La Verite Interdite” (The Forbidden truth), with the journalist Guillaume Dasquile, claims that investigations into Bin Laden’s affairs were constantly interfered with by the US State Department.

The book quotes former FBI official, John P. O’Neill, who was killed in the WTC on September 11th, after having left the FBI through frustration before becoming the Chief of Security for the Twin Towers. Brisard met O’Neill in June and July, 2001 and declares that the former FBI agent complained that American foreign policy was dominated by oil interests.

“All the answers, everything needed to dismantle Osama Bin Laden’s organisation can be found in Saudi Arabia”, O’Neill is quoted as saying to Brisard in one of these meetings. He claimed that the USA was reluctant to antagonise Saudi Arabia because of oil contracts.

O’Neill, formerly the director of antiterrorism for the FBI’s New York office, complained that he was constantly being hampered in his investigations into international terrorism. He claimed that the State Department kept interfering with his investigations into the WTC bombing in 1993, US Embassy bombings in 1998 and the suicide attack on the US destroyer, Cole, in October, 2000. He told Brisard that he was becoming frustrated and that for this reason, he would leave the FBI to join the private sector.

The book also reveals that the first international warrant for the arrest of Osama Bin Laden was issued by Colonel Gaddafi of Libya in 1998, for the murder of two German antiterrorist agents in Libya in 1994, on Bin Laden’s orders. The document, file number 1998/20032, accused Bin Laden of being responsible for the murders. Bin Laden’s involvement with the Libyan opposition faction, the Libyan Islamic Fighting group, put him on a collision course with Gaddafi, because this group had been in turn involved with an attempt by MI5, the British secret services, to assassinate Gaddafi in 1996.

Jean-Charles Brisard claims that the document was forwarded to him by an ex-Interpol officer who told him that the US and British secret services were hiding it from the public.


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