Rabbani has become President. Afghanistan’s President signs the first orders

The situation in Afghanistan is getting out of the control of the world community; first and foremost, out of the control of the United States. This country surely has its own plans for this country.

The troops of the anti-Taliban coalition are determined to put an end to the Taliban movement in the nearest future, while the new governing bodies are currently being established in Kabul, which is the government that the Northern Alliance wants it to be.

The Northern Alliance troops liberated the Gilmand province in the west of Afghanistan, and now they are making their way towards Kandagar. The troops of the coalition are also moving towards Kandagar from the southeast. The goal of this operation is to totally encircle the base of the Taliban, where their headquarters is situated. At the same time, sources of the Northern Alliance inform that the Taliban has lost control of Kandagar. This happened after the citizens of the city with the former mayor at the head rebelled against them. There are battles on the outskirts of Jalalabad. The town of Kunduz, in the north of Afghanistan, is encircled by the troops of the Alliance.

In the meantime, the president of the Islamic state of Afghanistan, Burhanuddin Rabbani, arrived in Kabul. He came to the Afghani capital last night and, today, he managed to show himself as rightful president of the country. Burhanuddin Rabbani has already issued an order about general amnesty. The president called upon the Afghan population to unite. Rabbani claimed that he is ready to set up a widely-represented government in Afghanistan, under the UN aegis, with the participation of all political forces and ethnic groups.

For the time being, the Northern Alliance is the organization that holds the power, no matter what the American or Pakistani authorities think of that.

Ap photo: Trucks loaded with northern alliance soldiers drives down a main road of Kabul, Afghanistan, Wednesday, Nov.14, 2001

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