Eight-year-old girl became a prostitute because of her father

The whole Motherhood and Childhood Research Institute of the town of Ivanovo was totally shocked, when this story happened. A grown-up man brutally raped a ten-year-old girl. The little girl was taken to hospital a couple of days ago, she suffered so much that the doctors spent quite a time trying to wash the dry blood off her legs. But the truth turned out to be even scarier. When the girl recovered a bit, she told the militia men that no one raped her. Her client simply had a big penis. The girl added, she had been a prostitute for over a year.

Anna Rogova came from a really bad family. Her mother was deprived of parental rights, when Anna was three years old, then her mother was put in jail for a murder. Her father started drinking a lot and soon became an alcoholic. It was a sure thing for him to do – to forget that his daughter needed to eat. Hungry little Anna was wondering along the streets of the town, asking to give her some change or a piece of bread. When her father learned about it he quickly realized that could be a way out. So, he started sending his daughter out in the streets to get something. However, Ivanovo is a little poor town and the money that Anna was bringing was certainly not enough to get enough of vodka.

Anna learned what sex was for the first time, when she was eight years old. One of her dad’s pals woke her up late at night just because he was hungry for sex. It did not perform a conventional sexual intercourse – he made the little girl give him a blowjob.

In the spring of the year 2000 Anna’s father was fired from his work, there was no money at all and “daddy” decided that his daughter should earn it. He went out to the market place and offered oral sex with his daughter to some dark-skinned vendor. For 200 rubels (a bit less than ten dollars). “I brought him home and ordered Anna to do that for him. In a couple of days he came back again with 200 rubles and a box of sweets for Anna. Then his friends started dropping by. I just allowed them to have oral sex with her, not more.”

A lot of perverts in Ivanovo soon learned about that sexual offer. However, not everyone of them was generous to pay 200 rubles for that, the girl was sometimes given 50 rubles (some two dollars). One client complained the girl could not do it well enough and paid very little. After that the father brought a pornographic video for Anna to watch. Anna was already used to what she had to be doing, but it was her first time, when she saw a porno tape. She was watching it with interest and even asked her dad why, those people were doing those things. The tape did it job, and she became more skilful. Her clients sometimes offered her more. But she refused, until it happened.

“Uncle Lenya came up to me in the street and asked me to go to his garage to satisfy him there. I got in his car and off we went. After it was over, he offered me to sleep with him. I said no, but he offered me 2000 rubles. It was big money, I could hide it from my father and buy a lot of chocolate for myself afterwards. I agreed. He had a very big penis, but I did not know it would hurt that much. I was screaming to stop, but he wouldn’t.”

The girl started bleeding and soon she fainted, but bastard Lenya was doing his job anyway. Then he took her in the bushes and went away. Strange, but he did give her that money.

Anna was unconscious for two days, she had 32 stitches, the surgeon said she would not have children. The law-enforcement officers filed a lawsuit that instant, but when the girl told them, what had actually happened, they just did not know what to do.

Her father was arrested, he can spend 15 years in prison for raping his own daughter and making her doing those horrible things. They did not find uncle Lenya, though. Girl’s other clients will not suffer at all either.

When the girl left the hospital, she was sent to children’s asylum. They say she is now afraid of all men with the exception of those, wearing uniform, she does not like to play with boys, does not talk much. And when other girls dream about their future husbands, Anna says she will never get married.