Bill White: The Businessmen Behind David Horowitz And The Libertarian War Front

“I didn’t read him when he was a Stalinist, and I don’t read him now.”

So said Noam Chomsky, responding to a recent smear campaign launched against his anti-war activism by David Horowitz, the radical neo-conservative Zionist who runs the Center for the Study of Popular Culture and who publishes the web zine Since the 9-11 attacks, Horowitz has been a blizzard of hatred blowing against anyone he considers to be a “Fifth Columnist”, whether it be a lowly university professor preaching love and peace, or a Congresswoman asking uncomfortable questions about the Bush administration’s new security state. In one ranting response to a letter from a reader he shouted:

“Thirty Muslim states, thirty states without a democracy. Until the Muslim world gets past theocracy and learns tolerance, the Jews need to be armed to the teeth and much more ruthless with their enemies than they have been, since when it comes to Jews fear is the only kind of respect the Arab world will give them.”

Horowitz has not been the only open advocate of racial totalitarianism in the furtherance of the war effort. He has been joined, surprisingly, by a number of Libertarian voices. The Cato Institute, an allegedly “Libertarian” think tank, has published a number of statements made curious by the fact that Libertarianism is, theoretically, a doctrine opposed to all aggressive wars and centralization of state power. Discussing Ashcroft’s new proposals for a security state, William A Niskanen of the Cato Institute recently told the Washington Post that:

“We ought to be aware of what the Israelis are doing and whether that’s the sort of thing we would do.”

His comrade at the Institute, Ted Galen Carpenter, issues a press release stating:

“Terrorist assaults of this magnitude should be treated as an act of war against the United States, not merely as a criminal justice matter. The President should immediately seek the full authorization of Congress to use whatever military force necessary against the guilty parties. If the perpetrator is a government, the objective of the United States should be nothing less than the removal of that government.”

Many Libertarians viewed that statement as a blank check for the war Zionists like Paul Wolfowitz and Richard Perle were demanding against Israel’s, not America’s, enemies. The Libertarian Party itself was thrown into turmoil. Libertarian commentator Justin Raimondo, writing for the website, stated:

“Even the Cato Institute, which opposed the Gulf War, has fallen into line, with a statement from Cato foreign policy maven Ted Galen Carpeneter solemnly endorsing a US strike at—well, at wherever. Word has it that the Libertarian Party is being torn apart by an internal debate over what position to take on The War—and I have the sinking feeling that, after all these years, the party is about to be stampeded into supporting the biggest US military mobilization since the invasion of Nazi-held Europe in World War II.”

On the face , the relationship between Horowitz’s and the Cato Institute’s statements is unclear. What would neo-conservative advocacy of total war for Israel have to do with the Cato Institute’s puzzling statements on the Israeli security state and its public handing of a blank war check to George Bush? The answer is in the funding. Despite being nominally separate, both Horowitz’s “neo-conservatism” and the Cato Institute’s “Libertarianism” are bought and paid for by the same three right-wing foundations who, incidentally, happen to control the CIA and a significant portion of George Bush’s cabinet. The foundations are the core of White Zionism, a politically expedient philo-Semitic interpretation of the Bible used by businessmen to manipulate Christians, and the core of the efforts by those businessmen and the CIA’s “Spook Lobby” to bring Americans under the Bush administration’s war spell. Pull the Horowitz thread, and we unravel their sweater of corruption.

Horowitz and the Contras

David Horowitz’s first recorded mission for the CIA was in 1987, when he was sent to Nicaragua to aid the Contra rebels. According to a July 3, 2000 article in the Nation (“David Horowitz’s Long March” by Scott Sherman):

“In the fall of 1987, Horowitz received a phone call from the office of Elliot Abrams, an Assistant Secretary of State. ... A few weeks later, Horowitz found himself in Managua, Nicaragua, where, at the expense of US taxpayers, he offered tactical advice to anti-Sandinista labor unions, politicians, and journalists ...”

Horowitz likes to claim he was only working for the US Information Agency. What he doesn’t like to mention is the ties that agency had with the CIA, particularly with the Contras. In 1983, the USIA’s Director Charles A Wick held a fundraiser in support of the illegal activities that would come to be known as the Iran Contra Scandal. Theagency’s later director, Frank Shakespeare, was a former CIA propagandist who worked in Eastern Europe through the Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty fronts before retiring to sit on the board of the Bradley Foundation, one of three organizations that would fund Horowitz’s rise.

When Horowitz returned to the United States in 1988, he was hired as a speech writer by Bob Dole. In 1989, as a pay-off for his good works on the Spook Lobby’s behalf, he published a book, “Destructive Generation: Second Thoughts About The Sixties” and launched his Center for the Study of Popular Culture. He was given $85,000 in start-up cash: the Olin Foundation contributed $20,000; the Scaife Foundation contributed $25,000; the Bradley Foundation contributed $40,000. Over the next ten years, the contributions from these organization would grow to nearly two-thirds of his annual budget, and by the beginning of 2000 he would have received over $9 million dollars -- $4.1 million from Scaife, $3.6 million from Bradley, and $1.4 million from Olin—in exchange for wrapping his words around those organization’s views.

Horowitz came out of retirement as a leftist because someone bought him out. Now, everything that comes out of his mouth, and the mouths of his columnists, is someone else’s product. As we will see, the same is true for the “Libertarian” movement.

Buying a Movement - Cato Institute and Reason Magazine

When a group of Jewish Trotskyites decided to take over the conservative movement, they met in a coffee shop in New York and schemed. They decided they would launch a number of intellectual journals, and begin debating their Jewish ex-comrades on the Left who owned major daily newspapers. The end result would be that the daily newspapers would give them recognition as “the” conservative movement, would ignore the original conservatives, and thus allow their Trotskyite doctrines to supplant traditional conservative ways of thinking. By adopting Trotsky’s tactical doctrines on infiltrating the vanguard of the movements, the neo-conservatives came to power. Fifty years later, the Spook Lobby, seeing the effectiveness of these tactics in the past, would send the same Trojan Horses in the midst of the Libertarians.

Admittedly, the Cato Institute is primarily owned by the Koch Foundation. Koch Industries, a major “energy” (read: “oil”) company, has provided more than 50% of the Cato Institute’s budget in some years, and its founder, Fred Koch, is a former founding member of the John Birch Society. Organizations Koch has spawned include Reason Magazine and the National Center for Policy Analysis, and it has been involved in both Roundtable organizations - descendants of the Roundtable group founded by Cecil Rhodes for the purpose of expanding the British Empire to America - and the Federalist Society—a group that includes John Ashcroft and which has been accused by liberals of being involved in supporting many secret state security measures. But Koch doesn’t back Horowitz, so that connection short circuits, and we instead turn to the funders that provide the rest of the Cato Institute’s budget—three of them in particular: The Bradley, Olin and Scaife Foundations.

Between 1985 and 2000, the same Spook Lobby triumvirate that had dumped $9 million into David Horowitz dumped approximately $12 million into the Cato Institute (which was founded in 1977, and which lived its first 8 years in peace). $7.5 million of that had been given since 1990. $2.2 million was given since 1998. The Cato Institute is said to run an annual budget of approximately $3.5 million per year, meaning that the Spooks provided approximately one fifth of the Institute’s funding throughout the 1990s, growing to as much as a third in the last three years of the decade.

Similarly, the Reason Foundation, publishers of Reason Magazine, a publication trying to establish itself in the Libertarian movement in the same way that the neo-conservatives established themselves at National Review, received $3.4 million from the Spook Lobby between 1985 and 1999, $2.1 million of that since 1990, and $1 million of that since 1997. It is Spook money that keeps Reason magazine, allegedly a magazine of the “independent” and “third party” Libertarian movement, afloat.

These foundations have literally bought the “mainstream” of the Libertarian Party. It’s not a new tactic. As Professor Kevin MacDonald of California State University writes in his new book “The Culture of Critique: An Evolutionary Analysis of Jewish Involvement In Twentieth Century Intellectual and Political Movements”, what the Spook Lobby has created is a:

“Cultural Imperium in the West ... maintained by a pervasive thought control [with] dire personal and professional consequences [for those] crossing the boundaries of acceptable thought and speech [and] maintained by zealously promulgated, self-serving, and essentially false theories.”

And though former New York Post editor Scott McConnell warns us:

“One doesn’t like to name names, because no one ...wants to get on the bad side of the neo-cons.”

But the most dangerous and politically influential American scribbler can do nothing in response to what Pravda chooses to publish - we don’t even attend the same cocktail parties! - and so we will take a liberty that Mr McConnell can not.

The Rich White Men Who Own The CIA

The Bradley Foundation is a “philanthropic” organization based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, founded by John Birch Society member Harry Bradley and owned by the Allen-Bradley Company, a manufacturer of electrical and radio equipment. It was an early supporter of both William Buckley’s National Review and movements like the Christian Anti-Communist Crusade. It’s politics remained mostly local and “paleo-“right-wing until 1985, when it was bought by Rockwell International, a major aerospace and defense company which pumped more than $250 million into the foundation in its first year of ownership.

The key player in the Bradley Foundation from 1985 to 2001was its President Michael Joyce. Joyce became “big time” in 1978 when he worked under the tutelage of Trotskyist neo-conservative Irving Kristol at the Institute for Educational Affairs. In 1979, he took control of the Olin Foundation, another of the Spook’s big three, which was founded by the Olin family’s chemical and munitions fortune, and which, along with Bradley and Scaife, fund the Heritage Foundation, the Manhattan Institute, and the Hoover Institute. During the 1980s, Joyce served as an aide to Ronald Reagan and was the man who placed William Bennett into Reagan’s cabinet as Secretary of Education. In later years, Bennett would refer to Joyce as “Coach Joyce” and joked that he called Joyce whenever he needed an opinion—not a second opinion, mind you, but just an opinion for himself to have. Joyce also funded and supported Republican figures like Jack Kemp, Jeanne Kirkpatrick, Dan Quayle, and Ward Connerly, and helped to fund Charles Murray’s book the Bell Curve.

Though the Bradley Foundation has clear links to the CIA—the aformentioned CIA propagandist Frank Shakespeare, for instance, served on its board—even more interesting are the links the Olin and Scaife Foundation, and joint ventures of the three like the Manhattan Institue, have to Spook Central and the Bush Cabinet. William Casey, who was CIA Director under Reagan was a former head of the Manhattan Institute. Linda Chavez, the former Secretary of Labor nominee who is now a syndicated columnist for the Washington Times, was nominated to that post through Bradley Foundation lobbying. Likewise, Secretary of Energy Spencer Abraham and Secretary of Justice John Ashcroft came up through the Spook’s Federalist Society.

In 1995, the National Reporter, in an article on CIA infiltration of college campuses, wrote that the Scaife Foundation was one of “the two foundations most active in recent years in publicly promoting the need for a strong CIA” and linked it to the funding of several CIA agents on the campus of Tufts University. Until 1975, the Scaife Foundation ran Forum World Features, a news wire service that was shut down after it was discovered that it had been established by the CIA to plant disinformation in American and foreign newspapers. And also in the 1970s and 1980s, the Scaife Foundation was accused by anti-apartheid and other watchdog groups of laundering money from the CIA to support the projects of the Reverend Sun Yung Moon—projects that included the launching of his Washington Times newspaper.

And it was the Spook Lobby which provided significant funding for “alternative” conservative publications like the American Spectator, with the Bradley Foundation’s Michael Joyce personally paying writer David Brock $11,850 in reward for Brock’s hit piece “The Real Anita Hill.”

Zionism and “Judaeo-Western” Civilization

That the Spook Lobby is both Zionist and pro-war there can be no doubt. Ignoring that the companies that fund it all have extensive holdings in the defense and munitions industries, and that all it’s paid writers, like Horowitz and Cato, are unquestionably pro-war and Zionist, it’s actual board members have kept no secret of their belief, derived from their silly “Judao-Christian” mis-reading of the Bible, that Israel is a pillar of Western Civilization and that Jews have a God-given right to pillage and rape the land of Palestine.

Michael Joyce, on October 30, 1994, told the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel that he was a militant advocate of a doctrine he called “Judaeo-Western nationalism”—a belief he created from the nonsensical but politically advantageous proposition that modern American culture is a blend of the cultures of “ancient Israel and ancient Greece circa 1950 BC.”

Joyce’s views on Arabs and Islam came out clearly April 11, 1999, in a documentary he helped fund, along with a fully owned subsidiary of the Scaife Foundation called the Carthage Foundation, entitled “Jihad in America”. It ran on CBS news, and starred reporter Steven Emerson, a man the Jerusalem Post described on September 17, 1994, as having “close ties to Israeli Intelligence.”

The video was full of vague claims of Muslim “terrorist” infiltration of America, but conveniently provided no evidence which other researchers could use to confirm or deny the claims. Typical lines from the video are:

“FBI officials have confirmed the existence of several command centers and communications posts—like this Texas hamburger stand.” And

“Our investigation has uncovered more than 30 groups that fund radical Islamic activities and operate under tax exempt status,” with no mention of who those groups are or how they fund said “radical Islamic” activities.

A press release by the Council on American-Islamic Relations entitled “Who Steve Emerson Is” quotes Weekly Planet newspaper editor John Sugg as stating:

“It should be noted that Jihad in America was largely funded by the Carthage Foundation and the Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation ...

“Emerson constantly attributes allegations of widespread Muslim conspiracies to unnamed intelligence sources. And, as has been reported in numerous articles ... Emerson has been dead wrong on many of his most sensational stories.”

Sugg is also quoted as saying that the Bradley and Scaife foundations worked directly with Israeli Intelligence to produce the video. In a discussion of the four main sources the foundations contacted, Sugg states:

“[The fourth source for the video is] Yigal Carmon. A ranking member of Israel’s intelligence and military establishment, he is considered to the right of even the current Likud government. As The Nation has reported ... Carmon was part of the ‘gang of three’ that spent much time lobbying Congress to derail the Middle East peace process—and Carmon even stayed at Emerson’s home on his visits to the United States (The Nation, August 28/September 4, 1995 and May 15, 1995).”


What we have here are group closely tied to the CIA - in fact, groups that are in essence a storage facility for Republican CIA officials when the Republicans are out of office—managing corporate front groups for the CIA, working with Israeli intelligence to fund anti-Muslim articles in the US press, funding David Horowitz’s attack ads on college campuses, funding Trojan Horse infiltrators into the Libertarian Party, and funding and controlling members of George Bush’s cabinet. All of these acts are acts of subversion and would be acts of treason if it didn’t appear that they were doing it with the full knowledge and support of George Bush—Bush is even rumoured to be finding a position in the administration for the Spook Lobby chief Michael Joyce.

What we see from pulling just a few strings of the cloak of the false reality is that most of what Americans consume as policy analysis in their daily media has been manufactured by nutty religious zealots who use their wealth and power to buy words to put into other’s mouths, and who then send those others out among us disguised as regular citizens, subverting and altering our ways of thinking about the world. Almost single-handedly, these people infiltrated and took over the “conservative” movement, converting it into a branch of Israeli Likud, and deliberately promoting the destruction of the Constitution and its replacement, in the words of Joyce, with a “conservative welfare state.”

The American people can’t revolt against this because they can’t see it—every effort is made to conceal these links and ties from the eyes of the American people. Tell the average man on the street that the opinion column he reads in the newspaper was funded by the CIA, and he will assume you’re a crazy conspiracy theorist. But how can the American press remain free if fundamental questions about government involvement in social subversion are dismissed out of hand as prima facae “crazy”? And how, in a free society, can the CIA shelter part of its budget from public eyes, transfer that part of the taxpayer’s money to corporate front groups, and use those corporate fronts to insert Spook Propaganda into the daily newspapers most American consume?

Nothing can be hidden forever, and with the advent of the internet, these links and ties are slowly coming out. The question remains, though: Will the American people discover and cast off these parasites and their subversion before the Total State totally destroys their American way of life? If the Total State wins, the future holds nothing for America but terrorism, Imperial decay, and eventual annihilation as a people.

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