Yuri Razgulyayev: Kyrghyzstan’s authorities strive to save lake Issyk-Kul from poachers

Time and time again the authorities of the Central Asian republic of Kyrghyzstal (formerly, the Soviet Socialist Republic of Kirgizia) try, using administrative measures, to prevent the complete extermination of trout, the main wealth of the mountain lake Issyk-Kul. Jusupbek Sharipov, the regions’ governor, has issued the decree forbidding the fishing a throughout the lake shore for 2 months. Violators will be strictly punished up to launching criminal proceedings. The authorities have to resort to such Draconian measures in order to stop the depredation of the ichthyfauna which has in great part been cultivated here by man. The advent of capitalism in the republic has proved nearly detrimental for the local fauna. The arithmetic is simple and plain: a kilogram of smoked trout costs 100-120 cat-fishes on the black market. So, an average-size trout brings you an income compared to an average pension or half of a monthly salary. At that, the poacher catches trout not by one at a time. While trout is finally being protected. some other species have almost completely disappeared. Frankly speaking, the gubernatorial decree will hardly be observed by all. Thanks to high profits, the risk worth taking, and the poachers will hardly be stopped by a threat of criminal proceedings.

Yuri Razgulyayev PRAVDA.Ru Bishkek City Kyrghyzstan

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