Victims accuse Raduev

In Makhachkala, the trial of terrorist number two Salman Raduev is being continued. As many commentators have predicted, the trial became a usual routine: hearings are being carried out without any excesses and according to the law. In spite of the sittings’ openness, public interest in this event is still decreasing. Now, news about the trial’s course is not even being included into ”the hot ten.” Meanwhile, today, in Makhachkala, evidence from victims is being heard. However, there are not many of them: of 3,000 people, officially recognized victims, only 20 came to the trial. The others explain their non-appearance with their unwillingness to remember about the tragic events of 1996.

Pensioner Yekaterina Ilyina has been shot by the militants in her own house. A bullet is still in her lung. Anna Romashenko described how she had lost her son Pavel, a policeman, who was standing guard at night on 8 to 9 January in the Kizlyar hospital. He was cruelly crippled by the militants and burned to death. According to Anna, she lost three relatives at that time: her son, her aunt. and her non-born grandson; her daughter had miscarriage.

A victim from Kizlyar Larisa Fetisova lost his son, who also was standing guard as a policeman at that frightful night. He was shot, and his body was afterwards disfigured by the militants. Larisa Fetisova addressed Raduev, asking: “Why have you killed my son? Give me my son back!” And Raduev answered to that he had not ordered the killing of policemen and civilians.

He always repeats these words as the victims accuse him of atrocities committed against Kizlyar citizens. Another citizen of Kizlyar, Nina Moroz, lost her husband. When the militants burst into their house, he shot at the bandits with his hunting rifle. The militants answered with submachine guns. The man was killed while his wife among many thousands people was taken prisoner.

The trial continues to hear evidence from the victims. Although their number is not large, the Public Prosecutor’s Office announced that everything is happening in the framework of the legislation that allows the carrying out of the process with default of the victims.

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