Alexander Gorobets: People of Ukraine nicknamed 2002 draft budget “the budget of death”

The people of Ukraine nicknamed the 2002 state budget “the budget of death,” - the leader of the Communist Party of Ukraine, Pyotr Simonenko, said during speech at the parliament. According to Simonenko, the communists condemned the mess that was going on around the budget process. The leader of the Communist Party thinks that the procedure to pass the law about the state budget was dictated by the International Monetary Fund and other financial “donors,” the goal of which is to make Ukraine fall down on its knees and to make it a country of the third world.

Simonenko also said that the communist faction in the parliament of the country would only vote for a budget that would become an economic level for radical changes in the socio-economic situation of the country: a budget that would be the basic state financial schedule and not a plan for serving the debts and funding the campaign of the pro-presidential factions.

The Communist Party of Ukraine wants the entire budget to comply with the Constitution of Ukraine and the Budget Code. Simonenko also thinks that one should consider the basic principles of financial and crediting policy, the plan for revenues, and the spending of the National Bank of Ukraine before passing the draft of the state budget. The faction also insists to cross out several articles from the draft budget, saying they were dictated by the IMF. -dos-

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On the photo: Pyotr Simonenko - the head of Ukraine's communist party

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