Militants open fire on passers-by in Israeli city Afula

A new terrorist act has been committed in Israel. Militants opened fire from submachine guns on passers-by in the city of Afula, in north of the country. Two civilians were killed and more than ten received different injures. The exact number of the killers is not known: according to different data, there were two or three people. Militants opened fire near the central auto station of Afula. Continuing to shoot, they ran to the city market. The police that arrived to the spot opened fire on the criminals. As a result of the skirmish, the killers were suppressed in the car park.

The policemen did not try to catch the criminals alive, while carrying out hitting fire. As a result, two of the militants were killed. The third one probably escaped.

According to evidence of the eye-witnesses, a woman who found herself not far from the killers, tried to disarm them, though she was killed, BBC reports. The Islamic Jihad group declared responsibility for the terrorist act. Read the original in Russian: