Russian ghost-planes allegedly bomb the republic of Georgia again

An armed conflict took place in the Pankissky gorge of the republic of Georgia between Chechens and Arab militants from the terrorist groups that are operating on Chechnya’s territory and hiding in Georgia. This was said by the headquarters of the federal forces in the northern Caucasus with reference to the eavesdropping of the heads of the terrorist groups in Chechnya.

As it was said that they used not only guns but also mortars during the conflict. There were several people killed and wounded; a shop, in which drugs were manufactured, was destroyed together with several ammunition depots, Interfax news agency reported.

The press-service of the Russian Defense Ministry had to reject the information, which said that Russian aircraft and helicopters bombed the territory of the republic of Georgia during the night of November 27-28. This was not the first time that such things were reported. Alexander Drobyshevsky commented on the matter and stressed that the aircraft of the Russian Air Force bombed two groups of gunmen that were making their way from Chechnya to Georgia during the daytime on November 27. “The aviation did not cross the air border, it did not appear in the air space of the republic of Georgia, the territory of the republic was not bombed. As far as the night sorties are concerned, the aviation was not working during the night,” he said.

There are Chechen militants in the Pankissky gorge of Georgia; this is a fact, and it is no use for Georgia to deny it. The Russian military is far from being happy about this constant threat. Would any other country like, for example, Great Britain or the USA agree with such an idea of a large group of terrorists right there beside the borders? Of course not. The preventive measures would be used for localization of the situation on the border.

Something like that has happened in this case. It would be better for Georgia to deliver the gunmen to Russia, or at least create the conditions to make them leave the Georgian territory. However, it seems that the republic can not or does not want to do this, which makes the whole situation even worse.

Dmitry Litvinovich

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