Collective Security Treaty Countries Prominent On Anti-terror Crusade, Say Foreign Ministers

Collective Security Treaty (CST) countries are prominent on the international anti-terror cause, said the Ministers and Deputy Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the Collective Security Treary signatories--Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia and Tajikistan, as they sat in conference. The CST Council of Ministers of Foreign Affairs approved draft regulations to implement an agreement on the fundamentals of military-technological partnership between the six signatory countries, and a protocol on monitoring proper use of military-oriented produce the signatories supply to each other on the agreement. As Moscow sees it, Collective Security Council approval of the two documents will enable the signatories to supply military-oriented commodities to each other on privileged arrangements for national formations assigned to collective forces. The conference also approved blueprints to celebrate a tenth Collective Security Treaty signing anniversary, due next May. The gathering paid close attention to the CST countries' closer foreign-political partnership, which needs major upgrading. The conference approved a coordination procedure for the signatories' foreign-political activities.