Collective Security Countries For Multi-ethnic Afghan Government: Ivanov

Russia and the other five Collective Security Treaty (CST) countries are determined to cooperate with the international community on its anti-terror cause not merely while the armed operation is on in Afghanistan but well after it, said Igor Ivanov, Russia's Minister of Foreign Affairs, after a foreign-ministerial conference of Collective Security Treaty countries. The Collective Security Treaty countries will coordinate efforts for long-term Afghan political settlement, he added. It is too early now to discuss the achievements of a conference on Afghanistan, now underway in Bonn, Germany, said Mr. Ivanov and pointed out that Russia and the other CST countries want to see all Afghan ethnic entities represented in a broad-based government. Collective Security Treaty countries are permanently debating the matter though there is a complete accord among them on it in stances which proceed from related resolutions of the United Nations Security Council. The new Afghan government must meet all obligations to the international community--in particular, put an end to terrorist bases and drug traffic dens, eradicate hotbeds of international crime, and maintain goodneighbourly contacts with all its neighbour countries. The government must also pledge to return the country to peacetime arrangements. The world, in its turn, will support a government which is true to such duties, said Igor Ivanov.