International police action against pedophiles

Interpol had been tracking the illegal trading of pornographic pictures involving children among paedophiles using the Internet. Internet news rooms were used to swap photographs of nude children, some of them in explicit sexual scenes.

It is feared that behind this traffic there are organised criminal groups who perform acts of kidnapping. There are many cases of children who disappear from the streets, only to become held as sex slaves in other countries. Some are also victims of “Snuff Films”, involving an actual killing of a person, often after torture, which is filmed.

The dozens of newsgroups monitored had traded 60,000 new photographs of children. Those logging on to these sites were registered by the respective National Crime Squads and the arrests were made. Many others escaped because they had used decoy methods which hid their identity.

Incidents such as these are proof that eavesdropping of Internet traffic takes place. While human rights groups complain, viewing pornography on the Internet is a crime. The British Detective Superintendent Peter Spindler, leading the investigation for the British national Crime Squad, declared, “If you have an interest in this type of material, then society has a right to know who you are, what is your DNA and have we got you on the Sex Offender’s Register. That is what is going to happen for the people who were arrested”.

Scotland Yard Paedophile Unit Detective Sergeant Doug Bewley said: “Any piece of child pornography is an example of child abuse. There is no anonymity on the Internet for anybody who deals with this disgusting material”.

Many child sex offenders were victims of sexual abuse when they themselves were children and in performing the act, they are repeating behavioural cycles in an attempt to gain stability. For others, the act of sexual domination of a child is an expression of the power of the self over another (in this case, a defenceless target, making the perverse sense of sexual satisfaction greater).

Coupled with the problem of child pornography on the Internet is the exploitation of sexual tourism. Children are sold by their parents, or rented by the day, to unscrupulous local Mafia rings who then prostitute the children to foreigners who came on a package “sex holiday”.

The question of prostitution, “the oldest profession in the world”, must be separated from the issue of using those who are not old enough to decide for themselves whether or not they are prepared to become involved in such acts.


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Author`s name: Editorial Team