The world’s worst bio-terrorist

Millions of deaths have been caused by a fearsome predator which attacks its victims both under cover of darkness and in broad daylight hours. The deaths are documented by the authorities and proven on medical records around the world.

The terrorist is attracted by chemical signs from the human victim, secretions on the epidermis, which attracts it for the administering of the harmful bacteria, many times fatal.

This bio-terrorist is considered as the most dangerous, bloodthirsty being on the planet. However, its reign of terror may be at an end. Professor Maurence Zwiebel, of the University of Vanderbilt, is working on a mechanism to help protect victims by hiding the chemical signals, issued by bacteria on the victim’s skin, from the bio-terrorist.

Professor Zwiebel is using genetic manipulation of the genome taken from Anopheles Gambiae to understand how it detects the skin secretions which attract it to its victim. A more simple solution would be to use mosquito spray.