Sergey Borisov: The USA to spend $500 million for propaganda

The USA plans to set up a satellite channel that will broadcast in the Arabic language. The goal of this arrangement is to overshadow the Al-Jazeera TV company, which is considered to be “the American CNN.”

The American station will be meant for the young Arabs who stand against “the only super-power” in the world. Of course it will be a hard nut to crack: to win their hearts and minds. The United States has not won anyone over to its side after the start of the counter-terrorist operation in Afghanistan. The Americans thought the humanitarian aid to Afghanistan would be enough.

President Bush has already reported about plans to establish the new TV-station, which would provide the Arabs with the point of view of the American government. As it seems, the USA believes that it will be better “to make the preventive ideological strike” on the young Muslims before their minds are in the hands of Al-Qaeda.

The Americans decided not to purchase time from Al-Jazeera, they considered it easier to have another satellite channel. Joseph Biden, the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, is the driving force of the project. The American deputies have already financially helped the Voice of America radio and Free Afghanistan radio. This radio cost the American tax-payers $25 million. One may say that the Americans got it for free if comparing this price with the supposed cost of the satellite channel: $500 million. The senators are not confused by this super-huge price of the new TV channel. It will be a lot more difficult to struggle with terrorists. The main thing is to convince the young Muslims that America does not have anything against Islam.

Senator Biden has already been given the agreement from the president for the establishment of the new TV station. When the idea goes through the legislative procedures, then the Arabs will get an opportunity to learn more about the American policy first hand, so to speak. The station will supposedly broadcast 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in 26 languages, for 40 Muslim countries. It has also been stated that even Hollywood is going to be involved: to shoot special video clips for the people of the Middle East to show them what the real American lifestyle is. Therefore, it seems that America very serious towards winning the Muslim hearts and minds.

Sergey Borisov PRAVDA.Ru

Reuters photo: Afghan boys stand by the building that housed Al-Jazeera satellite television station in Kabul, November 15, 2001