Russia Believes That 20-25 Dollars Are A Just Price For A Barrel Of Oil

The Russian government believes that 20-25 dollars are a just price for a barrel of oil, said Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov, speaking in the Lower House (State Duma) on Friday. Answering the question about our country's relations with OPEC, Mikhail Kasyanov said that Russia is not a member of that organisation and will not be under its influence. "We are conducting consultations with it and coordinating our actions, but we remain to be an independent producer which determines its policy independently," said the Prime Minister. In his opinion, OPEC is really "the most important factor in stabilising the oil prices," but Russia is acting in this sphere, taking into account its national interests, energy balance and the position of the country in the world. The observance of national interests, said Mikhail Kasyanov, is our strategic direction in this sphere.