Russian Premier Speaks In Parliament

Over the ten months of the year the federal budget revenues amounted to 1,250 billion rubles ($1 being 30 rubles), Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov reported speaking Friday before the State Duma (lower parliamentary house) deputies. According to the premier, budget surplus over that period accounted for 1.6 percent of GDP (gross domestic product). Overall volume of extra revenues will exceed 318 billion rubles by the end of the year, Kasyanov noted. Currently, 87 percent of funds envisaged by the 2001 budget expenditures have been used and the government has no doubts that the remainder will be used in full by the end of the year. The government and the Central Bank of Russia are confident in preserving macroeconomic and national-currency stability. According to Kasyanov, "monetary inflation is under control with its rates being lowered." By the end of the year industrial production growth will amount to 5.5 percent, GDP growth 5.5 percent, and growth in investments in fixed assets 8 percent. According to preliminary estimates of last year, GDP growth in 2001 should amount to only 4 percent. According to the premier, Russia's gold and currency reserves increased by USD 10 billion over the ten months of the year. Non-payments and barter, which no longer hampers economic development, are giving in. Overall, reliable settlements dropped by 10 points and the remainder non-payments are caused by desperately loss-making enterprises, Kasyanov said.