Alexandr Gorobets: Ukraine seems to have finally determined the reason of Russian TU-154 plane’s crash. Though any details reported

Today, it became known that Ukrainian part of the commission, investigating reasons of Russian TU-154 plane’s crash downed October 4, by an anti-aircraft missile C-200 in the air over Black Sea, had finished its work. In this connexion, the secretary of Ukrainian National Security and Defence Council, Yevgeni Marchuk announced: “We know what was the reason why Ukrainian air-defence missile had deflected from its course.” Though the reason was not called, it was only said “the results of the examination will be published soon.” Earlier, the official version proposed by the Marchuk at sitting of Ukrainian and Russian experts at the beginning of this month, looked in another way. As if radar set’s signal, after reverberating from the sea surface re-aimed the missile from a training target at the civil plane. Though, defence minister Alexandr Kuzmuk’s resignation furthered another and, maybe, the most probable version of the tragedy’s reason. Most of militaries say there has been a real booze in the testing area. They simply launched the missile in a state of drunkenness. This version looks very likely, all the more the ex-defence minister really liked different repasts. After Alexandr Kuzmuk left the main military chair, this fact was remembered by everybody – from soldiers to generals. Now they tell stories that could be transformed into film scenarios. Meanwhile, Ukrainian government delegation with the state secretary of Economics and European Integration Ministry, Alexandr Chaly at the head was for three days negotiating in Israel about paying compensations to the killed Israeli passengers’ relatives. Yesterday, the negotiations were finished. It became clear that it would be enough only one round, because insurance system in Israel is complicated and of many levels. According to the press, Ukrainian authorities, while complaining about their poverty and budgetary deficit, are ready to pay to the 78 killed passengers’ relatives only $ 1,500 and only in Ukrainian national currency. Though, Alexandr Chaly said at the consultations, any concrete sums of possible payments have not been discussed. While answering the question about paying compensations to Russian side, Yevgeni Marchuk said today, consultations over these questions would be certainly carried out. “It will be easier to agree with Russian side, because its legislation is similar to ours,” – he stressed. Though it is known that Sibir aviation company has initially valued its losses at the sum not less than 10 million dollars. Apropos, in Kiev they say that the Ukrainian President’s visit to Moscow, meeting at different levels are aimed in particular at partial decreasing of this possible price of the suit. For to pay this sum in money seems to be completely impossible for Ukraine. From where will Ukraine took this money? Earlier Yevgeni Marchuk stated compensations to the killed passengers’ relatives would be paid according to international legislation’s norms and as if Ukraine was negotiating about this subject with Israeli side. Though at that time he also noticed there were not any “universal sums of the compensations.” Alexandr Gorobets PRAVDA.Ru Kiev Ukraine Read the original in Russian: